Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No Post Today

All right, I lied: this really is a post. An apology, rather.

My semi-annual visit with the neurologist did not go well yesterday morning. The deflation stuck with me all day and into a night of work. Finally I requested the next night off: I really need time to reflect on it all.

(Actually I told the boss I was going to get stinking, s---faced drunk and purge the whole memory. Can't do that; memory problems are part of the trouble. Still, I got the time off with his blessings.)

A working day requires so much preparation and ritual, I don't have time to truly ponder a problem, let alone solve it. Already I feel more positive. Using methods I learned in Recovery, Inc., I was able to calm down and view things more logically. Having conquered my own defeatist babbling of the brain, I moved on to just enjoying the day.

And what a day! Well, three hours anyway, my usual limit. GolferGirl buddy met me at Barnes and Noble for coffee and a discussion of how to blow what time I could muster. Not surprising to anyone who knows us, we wound up at T.J. Max. Found a few things for VeggieGirl's birthday on Saturday, and saw tons of stuff I would buy if money were no object. But it is. After a quick triage, we exited with a much pared-down inventory of treasure. The game's the chase, after all. Then on to Charlie's for Philly cheese-steak subs and chips. We are never able to visit so long, and it was refreshing. We have a lot in common. What's not in common, we discuss and enjoy. It's good to have girlfriends.

So life is good, after all.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

Hi pb, hope your weekend is awesome! Just dropped by to visit the ole blog .. I am on the way to a friend's for fried rice. C ya,

pb said...

Fried rice! What I wouldn't give for a friend who could cook Chinese! Lucky lady.

Little Pond