Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pearls melting in the heat

My buddy PK of Pearls and Dreams is facing a really tough time. The heat out there is breaking records and exacerbating her physical woes. Please pop on over and add a comment and a prayer for her. When I'm stuck inside waiting out the heat, my computer and blogging is about the only thing that helps. Please let her know we are thinking about her. Thanks.

Little Pond


Jenny said...

Her sites are very interesting. I left a note on one of them. Thanks,

Dreaming again said...

Thank you so much for the thoughts!

We're still melting here ... Wednesday we're alledgedly getting a break ... it'll drop to 88 for a high ..then right back up to high 90's ...

Sudden changes ... almost as hard on my body as extreme temps ...

I wanna live in a bubble!

Thanks so much for the prayers!!!!!

Jenny, thanks for the comments!