Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well, Duh!

After about of week of religiously taking my Copaxone shot, I'm faring noticeably better. Better enough to take Granddog Ellie to the Chemung River to wade. Better enough that the guys at work felt comfortable joking about my spills last week. Boss even dredged up a (now) comical incontinence near-attack:

Happened on a business trip to Delaware. Cool classes in the software we use at the paper. I'd been drinking decaf coffee. Well, they told me it was decaf. The caffeine kicked in, leaving me jumpy and over-stimulated. My bladder signalled that I needed a pitstop--like ten minutes ago. I knew I couldn't even leave my seat. Boss saw my distress and wisely decided to leave me alone. Then the instructor noticed. He wouldn't leave me to recover my composure. Probably wasn't more than five minutes of discomfort, but seemed hours. I finally s-l-o-w-l-y rose and waddled to the restroom. Forget dignity, the aim was to stay dry. I'm smarter about decaf anything, now. Made Boss swear he'd never tell, but heck, can't laugh about it if we don't relate it.

And I'd much rather laugh about it.

Little Pond


Dreaming again said...

I can so relate took care of the problem, almost too well I have to sit in just the 'right' position to go.
I never told the urologist ..but I think he's figured it out ...cause he's talking about re doing the testing and another surgery ... whoops!
(too many UTI's)

My computer gremlins gone today ... catching up on your blog ... wonder if it will still be gone tomorrow or if it will be back
(to do do do do do do (twighlight zone music)


Anonymous said...

Next week I will see the neurologist, and will mention the problems with him. Perhaps we will check out something new. I'm open to suggestions.


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