Thursday, July 07, 2005

Summer Better than Others

The first sure sign we are in for the long haul of summer hit me today. Took a walk to Chemung Canal Bank, just two and one half blocks away. Lovely, cool morning gently lit by a cloud covered sun. Not a cloudy day yet, just a half-hidden sunlit day.

My left leg gave out repeatedly on the way. Fortunately I have two legs, and simply shifted to the good one. Repeatedly. A thirty-minute trip took an entire hour. Time to break out the walking sticks! I have canes, but I prefer a walking stick. Love the feel of reaching a little up, not down, at each swing.

Generally, walking sticks seem to be made for men. I get lots of compliments from men on them. So far I've only purchased hand-made, naturally-shaped ones from local art fests and bazaars. I've seen really sweet ones at the Art and Frame Shop on Hoffman Street, where I go to frame anything nice that's locally made. The sticks at the Art Shop have bird identifications or animal tracks on them. Love them, and expect a moment of weakness will result sometime this summer.

Meantime, the Internet should provide some solace, in the form of links to meditative writings and photography I found
here at NatureInfo, courtesy of Darlene and her correspondents.


Little Pond

Update: I've now fallen twice at work. I had a full weekend planned, what with a wedding and all, but now I must gear down and rest more. On top of that, I have to work an hour or so overtime. We are shorthanded over the holiday week. But everything on track, workwise. I am enjoying our young people! They are hard workers who still enjoy life. And, strangely enough, they are a tad more conservative than I am. Unexpected, but makes for some interesting conversation.

How can I feel bad when I have so much to love, enjoy, and be thankful for? I can't. Rejoice with me. Rest, work and a wedding make up my weekend. Sounds good; sounds like fun. And I just heard they are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I've been worrying about nothing. I love that store! Looking forward to a quick trip to Consumer Square Saturday. Then Squeezing into my (taller) daughter's dress for the wedding. An adventure in itself, no doubt. I'll keep you posted.

Little Pond

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