Thursday, November 17, 2005

Clean Bill of Health?

Follow-up visit concerning the chronic cough today. Blood pressure was good, now more like 130/83 each day. Still a tad high, but it seems to be dropping ever so slightly as time goes on.

We hereby subtract the Nexium starting tonight. There is a remote possibility that I may relapse, but we have to start somewhere to narrow down the causes of the cough. This is definitely asthma-related cough. He gave it a very official-sounding name, but for the life of me I can't recall it. Don't need it, frankly.

The only disappointment was his insistence on retaining the Flonase. He even wrote a very long-term script for the stuff. There is still plenty of post-nasal drip. In fact, never noticed any change at all, there.

All told, my assessment (NOT diagnosis) is that the Advair works rather well, although my lifestyle (cats, dogs, second-hand smoke, and pressroom airborne pollution) demands the Albuterol backup. Flonase; well, let's hope its effects are cumulative.

I thanked the doctor and told him it was good to feel well again. Keep in mind that the better my overall health, the better I can deal with MS. Is it my imagination, or do the allergies and asthma increase the MS-y feelings? Even with a week's vacation, I am exhausted.

Or maybe cleaning the garage, hanging new blinds, loading--hauling--unloading household trash, wrapping and stowing items in the attic, and fall cleaning chores are setting up a mild exacerbation? Even though I am on vacation, I still need a nap everyday. And early-to-bed to boot!

I feel better overall, thanks.

Little Pond


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FDF said...

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