Saturday, November 19, 2005

Now I am confused.

Still quite sick to my stomach. The Internet is full of dietary information for those with GERD. Looks like a bland diet, same diet I was on in my 20's, when I was diagnosed with "Nervous Stomach Lining." Which sounds like a lot of hooey to me now.

I can easily follow the GERD diet, but I have a huge question that my doctor categorically refused to address. Flat out refused, in fact.

If we are not supposed to eat after six pm, how do I work until midnight or later, five nights a week, without eating? Low blood sugar has always been a problem for me. Perhaps because I am older now I can go without eating while I work?! But it includes heaving lifting and hauling at least once a night. This should prove interesting.

Little Pond


Gerd diet said...

I am having exactly the same problem with my heartburn. I have to go on diet but then I can't work properly. I hope you could find a good middle range, I am trying hit it as well.

pb said...

There is no real solution. I take a Prilosec OTC in the morning.

Lately I eat at 7:30pm. If I need a boost, then some cheese (for protein) and crackers, but not more than 100 calories' worth at 10pm.

That gives me two hours more of work before home and bed. I don't do late night snacks. When I am not working, the 7:30 rule becomes 8:30, with no snacks later.

Works for me.