Monday, November 28, 2005

Weird Question of the Week

Is it okay to wear cowboy boots without socks?

When I porked up some 30 pounds in 2004--and therefore decided to go off the regular Solumedrol drips--I put away my good, old cowboy boots from 1970 (or thereabouts). When I took them out this year they were covered in what seems like some sort of mildew. Finally taking the bull by the horns, I scrubbed them with saddle soap to make them wearable again. So naturally, saddle soap makes me wheeze and cough. But I did it. Twice.

Some success. If I could continuously do so, I would eventually remove the finish and the spots left bare by the mildew. They are presentable, but will need to visit the Wizard of Awe: Limoncelli Shoe Repair in Elmira Heights, New York. This man could repair a rainy day, and even save the customer hundreds of dollars at the same time. He pretty much works when he darn-well feels like it, and is always worth the wait or return visit. Not just shoes, but all leathers, denim, even sails (yes, the ones that power boats) and other esoterica. Anything that can be stitched or pierced or tooled.

But I digress. So I want to take them to be refinished by Limoncelli, the Lord of Leather, but need to wear them a bit first to be sure they are properly stretched. And I can't get a fully socked foot in the darned things. Just maybe with nylons, but preferably bare, so I don't run anything worth keeping.

So: Is it okay to wear cowboy boots without socks? Guess I'll find out.

By the way, if you want a realistic, and still scriptural, intro to Advent, visit Jenny. She's got the goods.

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I wear socks with sandals, so you might not agree with my opinion, but I don't think it matters what you wear inside you boot since nobody will see it but you.

pb said...

I intend to literally fill the toes with foot powder. So we'll see.