Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In Past Thanksgivings

I would have the week off to allow me to conserve my energy. I've been working the paper a little longer than I've had Multiple Sclerosis. Thanksgiving week is traditionally a leadup to the worst (biggest) publication day of the year. Two years ago all hell broke loose in Prepress (or was it the Pressroom?), but I missed it because I didn't work. Last year there were so many newbies in Prepress that the week was worse than hell for those left behind. Management scotched any further vacations during Thanksgiving week.

Can't complain. Seems only fair to ease up the tension on those working the worst (best advertising) week of the year. But every year I've brought Thanksgiving dinner to those who work the holiday. I hope to do the same this year, but already I am exhausted, and can't expect a rush of energy to make dinner.

So I am cooking a turkey breast, making (bread-making machine) bread, having potatoes, wild-rice-and-nuts dressing, yams and gravy, and salad. In other words, there will be what is essentially a left-overs meal cooked fresh. Husband RJ will make the potatoes. We'll nuke the yams and toss together a pretty normal salad. A can of cranberry sauce will be opened (electrically) and we have Landers Pomegranate and Cranberry juice. I can throw it together after dinner and haul it up to the night crew. Which consists of one person, working alone, in Prepress.

How can we do this and still enjoy a real Thanksgiving Dinner, with all the proper trimmings? You probably guessed it.

My Everloving Inlaws have invited us for the Holiday. Our little luncheon will be like play, making our home smell just right for the holiday. Then back to work on Black Friday, avoiding the horrific crowds, and working off the huge meals.

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