Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Go for Walk?

One beautiful day. And that was all. But Ellie got her walk. Twice. This is why it is so difficult not to gain weight in the winter.

For either of us. When Ellie comes to GrammaDog's house we walk everyday. Twice, if I don't become lame from the morning walk. Quite often, I do. It's easy to overdo in the winter. We are all bundled up and barely able to feel our limbs. The cold on my legs wreaks havoc that makes me lame for hours.

And this week I have a cold virus, complete with headache, chills and cough. But we still walk. At least once a day. Because it's not all bundling that makes us look fat.

Photo courtesy of GrampaDog, our own Husband RJ.

Little Pond
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