Sunday, January 22, 2006


What do you think?

Redesign by Karen of Scottsdale. Link for her profile to the right, and further down, to her main site, "The View from My Chair." Not really outside the Little Pond anymore, but I haven't found le mot juste to describe it in relation to the Little Pond. You can look for her button on the sidebar.

And the brandished walking stick? Faithful readers may remember this post from last year. I never did buy a new one from the Art and Frame shop, but will reconsider come the nice weather. In all likelihood. I have one other, but it is masculine with a large rock atop the handle. A sturdier deal for real hiking (and some self defense), not city stuff.

Couldn't part with the green theme, and thanks to my Blogsister, I won't. But this is brighter and more consistent with the colors I prefer. Cheerier, too. Love it!

Little Pond

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