Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm supposed to be watching the Wedding Crashers.

A workmate lent it to me, and is eagerly awaiting my reaction. But of course. Cutie Owen Wilson always puts the best spin on any guy flick, even for me.

However, I got all caught up in a screed posted in the Little Pond. No movie today, gotta blog.

Went looking for Grand Rounds, and found a few things while I was at it:

It just isn't blogging time until I visit the Instapundit. He's been posting a bit, here and there, about multiple love partners. And here's his latest. It's all great in theory. Who wouldn't want a dozen adoring darlings at one's beck and call? I'm rather partial to the concept of serial monogamy myself, if we could all just get along...

Seriously, I personally witnessed polyamory in communes at the end of the free-love era. Some rather high-minded individuals tried to make it work. But nearly always, somewhere in the web, someone wants more exclusivity. Especially when children become involved. Never seen it survive from there. Open marriage is an oxymoron and cannot work. Never seen one work, myself. Years and years ago, I was invited once, strangely enough. What a weird feeling to realize I was being weighed and discussed in this manner! Apparently each was trying to please the other. Not for me. Nice couple, though. Kinda flattering, in a way.

Uh, where was I? Grand Rounds. So I visited GruntDoc and found them, but not before I was diverted by the Gunner post. While I'm definitely not a gunner, I was more of an A type before my diagnosis. Smelling the roses has since become more important to me, whilst I can still walk up to them. Competing over them is definitely out.

This item in Grand Rounds spoke to me. My weight gain is the normal getting older thing, right down to the extra around the middle at fifty. Input, outgo. Eat much? Exercise much. And it's simple, but not easy. Got the rest of my life to learn.

One more soapbox item, also from Grand Rounds. I call it Serves Them Right. In the late sixties, a junior high school teacher was carefully explaining how totally accessible abortion would improve motherhood in the end. The women who weren't motherly would weed themselves out of the gene pool. In a few decades, only truly motherly (mothersome?) women would be left to have children. Yeah, right. That never happened, and never will. Abortion will nearly always be a coerced decision. "Can't afford to have a child." "Hun doesn't want children." "My parents would kill me." "Raped." "Snookered." "Star-struck, but now back to reality." Never did it occur to me that in some parts of the world babies would be destroyed because they were the wrong sex. There are only two sexes; how could one be wrong? Wrong enough to be slaughtered in utero? Appalling. Can't wrap my brain around it.

Anyway, back to Grand Round. For me, I mean. So much good stuff, so little time before my midday nap...

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Miss Chris said...

Just another M.S.-er out here. I like your blog.

Miss Chris said...

Thanks so much for your comments. Is your diagnosis of asthma new? I am asking because I was just diagnosed with it a couple months ago...right out of the blue. Not sure if it could be M.S. related or not. I'm on the Advair diskis and it's great. And yes, I'm definitely staying away from those nasty steroids.

pb said...

Years ago, I was off-handedly told by my doctor that an intermittent squeaking I heard was asthma. Only recently am I being treated. Again the discus seems my biggest help. But so far, the Albuterol inhaler is needed 3 or 4 times a week.

Related to MS? Only in the sense of it being related to an overworking immunological system. Or so I understand it.