Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alternative to shopping?

Ever go shopping in your own closet? I've been doing that this year. I have so many "nice" things that I don't wear, because they don't fit or are the wrong color. Larger clothes are sent to Caterina Ruggiero for alterations, done quickly, well, and cheaply. Smaller (sigh...) are sent to the recycling center for charity; raggy ones go to trash.

I've always been one to dye my clothes, either to change the color or to give a color new life. But now, I own lots of shoes that I don't wear. Too many in brown, black and bone. But they fit well and I would simply replace them in another color. For about $25, I take them to Limoncelli, Lord of the Leather. Heehee, sounds like SM, but not (that I know!). I will soon have a royal blue and an emerald green pair, all fully refurbished with new heels, etc.

Saves me some very tiring shopping. Not to mention the breaking-in period. Sort of empowering.

Got tons of purses, same problem.

I'll keep you posted.

Little Pond


Shelly said...

Oh my! I think you would be agast at my closet of sweat pants, and I thought NIKE was a color!!
You make it sound interesting and fun!

pb said...

Sweat pants look like pajamas on me; I don't even make them look like workout clothes.

A few years ago, MammaDog worked for Payless ShoeSource. By the time I turned 50, I had stuffed enough shoes in the attic to outfit Imelda Marcos. It was work just to sort them out. Anything that was barely worn, I gave to charity.

Some of the leather ones can be dyed and reused. Not a lot of those, but a few I was ashamed I didn't wear. It was a sin to shop for more before I tried to use them.