Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Asthma's Back

With all the painful spasms in my lungs. Only now I have just the Flonase and Albuterol to fight it. Guess it's back to the doctor for something new?

I don't dare use the Advair, but now I'm gunshy over anything else. I wish there were some sort of super allergy medicine to fight the things that trigger it.

Little Pond


Shelly said...

I can feel for ya! hope it gets better soon. This is a bad time of the year for allergies in TX too. I have never been to your part of the U. S though. It is pollen time here.

pb said...

I was born in Central Massachusetts, where I was accustomed to difficult allergies in the springtime. But that was nothing compared with the troubles I had in Washington, DC. Things are slightly easier here in upstate New York, but this year seems tougher.

Is it just a bad allergy season, or am I damaged from the Advair all winter?

mdmhvonpa said...

The Mrs's Allergies are acting up and the kids have been a bit 'snotty' of late. I fear they may have picked up the Mrs's immune system ... which may be a good thing considering that I have no Allergies, just that 'other thing'.

pb said...

All my guy friends at work tell me to ditch politeness and "hawk a huge one" in the men's room.

I have permission to use the men's room because the women's room is all the way on the other side of the building.

But "hawk a huge one?" Disgusting. Let's hope the antihistamines work.

Miss Chris said...

I was on Advair for a few months and decided to try going off it but that didn't work. I am now back on it again and at least I can breathe. I know what you mean about inhaling a powder. I doesn't seem to make sense but for me, the faster I inhale it the easier it is. I usually cough once or twice right after using it but no other problems.