Sunday, May 28, 2006

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LPGA crowds are peaceful and orderly.

Well, no. On my second trip to watch the action, I was snapping pictures of the leaderboard when an electric sign informed me that pictures were verboten. At that moment a hand touched my shoulder. A very pleasant, sweet volunteer informed me I wasn't to take pictures if I were not properly credentialed. My press pass did not qualify. I sheepishly pointed to the sign and told him I knew. Couldn't resist though: Hey, what about my blog? Doesn't that qualify? He snorted, then giggled with me. We both said "Thank You" at the same time and parted, still laughing.

Eventually Kris packed up the exhibit and we were joined by Joe Sindelar, creator of the Stick to Golf system. Together we started at the 13th tee, to watch Mhairi McKay, their current favorite. I watched two holes and decided discretion was the better part of MS management. It was a long, difficult walk back to the car, but a pleasant, air-conditioned drive home.

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