Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day weekend was very, very good to me...

and delivered one more perk. Sort of.

Maybe it was my imagination, but my shot hurt less today. Could it be a brand-new layer of baby fat to shoot?

In my forties, I injected my abdomen, because there, well, my fat was my friend.

But with the fifties, that abdominal fat disappeared, to be replaced by a lovely layer of lard around the waist. Strangely enough, it hurts a lot to shoot there. And stays sore a lot longer. The love handles, previously non-existent, are soft, fluffy and have become premiere injection sites.

This weekend more than ever. Naturally, I have stepped up my walking routine. Dog or no dog.

There's got to be at least 10 pounds semi-circling my waist. Good thing I return to work tonight.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Since I've gained some weight I notice a lot less pain with my shots too. Mine is especially noticible int the 'butt' area!

Have myelin? said...

ARGH! I've lost weight since starting Betaseron, I guess that is why I'm hurting MORE! But eating more won't help. I'm adversed to food!

All I want is pears and uhhh, maybe a very tiny square (like the free sample size?) of Rocky Mountain Chocolate. That's all. Pffft.

Do you guys use the AutoInjector? I might try that at a lower depth to see if it helps.


pb said...

Autoinjector scares me. I inject slowly and deliberately. But lots of scarring makes new fat look like a better bet. Daily injections use me up. I don't inject on legs or butt, right now. Maybe later, but not now. The summer makes me want to stay bruise-free for bathing suits, although this year that wasn't tested. Glacial lakes will do that to me.

Have myelin? said...

You said, "But lots of scarring makes new fat look like a better bet." and it took my slow brain a minute (or was it five) to get it. But when I did, I cracked up and almost (ALMOST) peed in my pants!

I was told the other day on a MS forum to inject like it's a dartboard. I did that today and you know what? I did not feel it at all!!! Try that one brave day. Get right up to your skin and go in quickly just like you're throwing a dart. :-) NO PAIN!

Re: AutoInjector, I have one distinct advantage over you- I can take my hearing aid and cochlear implant off and don't hear the loud explosion of the WMD entering our skins. That helps- a lot! But I don't like them either.


Multiple sclerosis and me said...

Hi all new to the MS world, so I have been searching researching and blogging like the rest of you:D
Just contacting as many people as possible contacts who understand are nice!

mdmhvonpa said...

Did you notice me waving as I drove through Owego this past weekend?

pb said...

Hmm... Seems I saw somebody swerve on the highway.

Love Owego. So cute! Also they are known for a yearly topless demonstration in the town's central park.

The guys all say they are going to watch, but the locals lose more and more interest each year.