Saturday, September 23, 2006

So here's the thing.

I turned on the bright lights over the sink, so I could see better.

Once I could see better, the crud around the cats' dishes became obvious. So I grabbed a brush and scrubbed at it.

Once I was down on my hands and knees, I noticed the entire floor really needed cleaning. So I swept it, to get ready to mop.

Once I started sweeping the corners, I noticed that the appliances need cleaning, especially down near the floor. So I wiped the outsides of the appliances.

Once the appliances were clean, I noticed there were fingerprints everywhere. So...

Here's where I caught myself. Already tired and I never even got to mopping the floor.

Think I'll blog instead.

Little Pond

1 comment: said...

This entry made me laugh out loud! LOL This same "event" has happened to me soooo many times!!! Sometimes, it involves even forgetting what my original project the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "It's always somethin"...

Linda D. in Seattle