Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh, well.

Was composing a great post on shopping, now that I self-catheterize. Ellie (HuggaMutt) and Bubba (BabyBoy, the cat who is bigger than Ellie) were raising Cain right next to me. Ellie has a growly/complainy noise she makes when she's play-fighting with the cats. I think it's because the cats don't make enough noise when play-fighting. For once, chubby brown pup was getting the best of the big, gray bully.

Bubba hissed and spat at Ellie, who poked him in the (considerably good-sized) belly, sending him into the wall. The computer went dark.

Swearing a mighty oath, I cursed the little darlings. Self-preservation kicked in, and the two ran, shoulder to shoulder, into the living room to escape my wrath.

Took it as a sign from Heaven: popped a cold beer, and settled in for a few hours of saving the world in Final Fantasy VIII.

Three-day weekends rule!

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Are you drinking more beer because you self-catheterize? LOL

pb said...

Hah! I am catheterizing more because I am drinking beer!

This is definitely showing me I don't want to drink anywhere but home, where I can easily get to a bathroom.

I like my 8 oz ponies, and they are hard to find. Drinking away from home is limited to one-with-dinner. There is no excuse for a lightweight to "go drinking" anywhere. Even one drink is liable to make me glow!