Saturday, September 16, 2006

Never a door closes, but another opens, eh?

A while ago I mentioned that our local MS chapter closed: a victim, I believe, of blackballing by our local United Way.

Today a little note arrived from MSF, who apparently helped our local chapter. We were funded by a chapter in Florida, I thought. Of all places, I thought. Good people are everywhere, aren't they?

They are one in the same, I guess. Good people? Heck, yeah! They even promise not to pester me with multiple mailings.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation can be found here. I am throwing this out to anyone who wished they had some other support. I personally will be checking in with the website now and again. In fact I will use their sign-off.

"Wishing you a brighter tomorrow."

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

United Way of what? I swear they give $$$ to the ACLU.

Miss Chris said...

Hope your doing well. I'm surprised that your local M.S. society closed. I've always felt that our disease isn't taken seriously enough.