Friday, June 17, 2005

Chill Out in Bed

While I was composing the last post, I knew we would need an immediate followup with The Chillow. This is aimed at anyone who loses sleep due to the heat. I don't mean uncomfortable, I mean fearful, drenching night sweats. This includes menopausal and hormone-treated women.

Anyone who has ever been wakened by hot sweats (regardless of time of year or temperature) and can't get back to sleep. Anyone who responds to the sweats by removing bedclothes and even nightclothes. Anyone like me who must keep their spine cool, especially the back of the neck and head. Any of these people will find a Chillow to be an excellent investment. I've been all of these people myself and the Chillow has been a rest-saver.

I tried the cooling scarf (see below) in bed. It certainly served its purpose, but the dampness in bed was just plain nasty. I hoped the Chillow was drier, and I was desperate enough to try.

It worked!

It seems to work on the same principle as the personal cooling devices, such as scarves and vests, but there is almost no sensation of dampness. I usually keep it on the underside of the pillow, and flip it when I need it. I use two pillowcases over it, and it still works wonders. And I can cover myself with a blanket. Perfect for those awful nights when the hot sweats used to make me kick off the covers, only to wake later shivering with the chills.

Check it out at the Chillow Store. But they are becoming more and more available in the bed- and linen-type specialty stores and departments. They are everywhere in the catalogs and Internet shops, so just Google "Chillow" and go for your best price.

Follow their instructions to the letter. If you've ever used a personal cooling device, you are already aware of the possible wet mess. I assure you that mine has never leaked (gotta keep it from the cats and Granddog Ellie!) once the stopper has been sealed. I can tell some silly stories about flattening out the wrinkles, though. Go for it.

Little Pond

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