Thursday, June 16, 2005

Summer's Coming

With these two words I'll bet I am conjuring up so many conflicting emotions in so many. Husband RJ often talks about how he dreaded summer as a overweight teen. He covered up and was miserable in the heat. I loved the summers in Central Massachusetts, as winters often left me miserable and unable to ever get warm.

While winter is now my ally, I must carefully prepare for summer. Every summer brings an exacerbation, a relapse into a Multiple Sclerosis attack. I hide in my air-conditioned home, and venture out less and less.

But this year I have cooling scarves! Also called Cooldanas. A simple strip of cotton, stitched into a tube and filled with watering crystals. The same sort of crystals used to gradually water plants over, say, a long vacation. It works by slowly sweating onto my skin. The artificial perspiration evaporates, creating a cooling effect. It actually cuts down on my real sweating. I need them especially indoors, wherever there is no airconditioning. Because MS centers on the spine, the scarf on my neck acts to calm my fear, of heat on my backbone.

I am told that WalMart now carries cooling scarves. This weekend I will investigate.

Meantime, you can go to Safety Central or Cooldana or Google cooling scarf or personal cooling system.

Little Pond

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Dreaming again said...

MG and lupus are both effected by heat ... I will have to check that out! (lupus is more effected by sun, but the heat does effect it too.)