Friday, June 24, 2005

The GoogleAds are coming

That is to say, we will experiment with advertising on our secondary sites, of which MS Companion is one. Because Pats Pond is essentially no more than a personal blog, all the advertising has been for blogging. Which is okay by me, I guess.

The MS Companion however should attract more specialized advertising. I would even point up the ads, except they apparently cycle around. Hey, if they don't work, I will remove them. It's not like they will make me rich, anyway. I want them to offer stuff that's useful to MS patients and those with related disabilities.

Note especially the Google bar. Your portal to the wonderful world of, well, just about everything. Husband RJ and I used to marvel at how our outlook on the world changed as soon as we visited the Net. It's more than the difference between a house with Television and one without. No question goes unanswered now. No topic remains dark to us. We know all and see all, practically. Can't live without it.

So go ahead, Google something. But no visiting questionable sites, you hear? The Net is a vice in and of itself, without piling more on top of it. Goes for gambling, too. (Didn't know all that was available to you? You have no idea! Can't think of anything not available on the Net.) Enjoy.

Little Pond


Dreaming again said...

Go for it! Let me know how it works for you!!!!

mikeelikesit said...

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