Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Forgot my Shot, Again!

My blogging has become all consuming. I spend hours at the keyboard now. When I am away, I find things that should be linked to one blog or another. My purse is full of little slips of paper covered with links and notes.

But lately the worst of if is that I am forgetting my Copaxone. Yeah, I understand that it's nasty to shoot myself every day, so it's like hysterical amnesia. But this is Copaxone. It may be the only reason I am well enough to even blog!

Fortunately I have the MSCompanion. When I get blogging for MS readers, I remember my drugs, and what I need to remember, to say, to ask.

So let's ask: What do you tend to forget to take or do (or not do)? And what reminds you?

Maybe we can start to share some of our experiences.

Little Pond

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Dreaming again said...

my morning dose of Cellcept. Since it is taken alone, with no other drug ...and it relieves no symptom (it is disease modifying drug) there is no relief I can look forward to to keep my mind on it.

What helps me remember? Usually when I go to take my middle of the day meds and find I haven't taken my midmorning dose of Cellcept. :/