Monday, June 27, 2005

Heat Wave!! Dirt, dust and pollen alert!!

Oh boy. It's suffocatingly hot and humid. No walks this afternoon. All this weekend I wore my Cooldana, the one that the Copaxone people sent me. Because I filled out a questionnaire, I think.

And I wore hats. And avoided the sun. And gave up and came into the air-conditioned house. It makes me shudder to imagine the energy bill that will come from NYSEG shortly.

Very little cleaning in this weather. First off, I still have to work tonight. Then an excruciating walk very early this morning left me soaked in sweat. So Blogging it is. With some Dasani bottled water at my elbow. And Ellie flattened out on the sofa. Ignoring even little snacks. So I vaccuumed the living room, fwoomphed the comforters upstairs, and wiped down the bathtub and sink. The kitchen was too warm, so I left it for tomorrow.

What to do about the heat, humidity and allergies this summer? Take care of the allergies first. That means vaccuuming often. We have an Oreck XL with special filter bags and I do this without glasses. In other words, don't make it a big song and dance production. No glasses means I don't see all the dirt, but I see enough to make the place look clean. Glasses are fine if guests are coming, and the place needs to be spotless. Without them, I clean what would bother just Husband RJ and me. I see and clean the cat and human hair and the cigarette ash and any leftover spills. Things get picked up and put away. For me, confusion leads to accidents, and is not given full sway.

So a schedule is necessary, too. Drugs taken on time despite all my whining. Meals on time and in the proper proportions. Every serving of fruits and vegetables is counted and heavy proteins kept to a minimum. Lots of grains and very little that actually needs cooking.

Meds, visit with Husband RJ, breakfast, walk, cleaning, computer then nap. Then visit with Husband RJ (who's home for lunch), cool shower, walk, computer, cleaning and rest before work, usually a video game or blogging or both. After work, a sip of wine spritzer, visit with Husband RJ, then bed. Workdays we are two ships that pass each other three times.

OTC allergy meds are minimal. Antihistamine, pain killer, antacid when needed. Gotta rotate the pain killers. This week it's acetaminophen, last week it was aspirin. Only when needed, not regularly, but that still means every day. Today I'm trying to wear bifocal contact lenses to work. It's not always good for me, especially if there is cut-and-paste, or strip-in work. Otherwise, they are wonderful: such a relief to get the glasses off my face. Still, they are expensive, more so than bifocal glasses. And high maintainance because I need eye drops to keep them wet in climate-controlled spaces.

So, allergies kept under control, homespace (fairly) clean, discomfort kept minimal. This means watching all chemicals that contact my skin, eyes and lungs. Sensitive-skin versions of hair and skin care, and anything hypoallergenic in cosmetics. Not much for makeup and jewelry. Naturally, I am sensitive to gold and silver jewelry. Household cleaners are mostly disposable wipes, and floors and carpets are cleaned with oil soaps.

Basically I live in a little purgatory of hypoallergenic, sensitive-skin versions of just about anything I can get. Goes for food, too. But that's a whole other post. At least.

What I really want to know: Does everyone with an Immunological Disorder have to live like this? Is it common to be so full of allergies that I'm practically living like the Boy in the Bubble? Can't take more allergy meds, because they send my blood pressure soaring. The allergy shots only work while I taking them. As soon as I stop, I suffer. It's easier to just take antihistamines. Besides, I got tired of having a hugely swollen arm all the time.

Ideas, anyone?

Little Pond


Dreaming again said...

Allergies gallore here! Just saw my doctor last week before my compture went haywire (maybe it was allergies? hmmmmmm)

Heat wiping me out here too!

I've been off line since Thursday. I need to catch up with your blogs. thanks for the comment on my spirituality blog ... interesting ... and profound. Stopped me in my tracks!!!
Takes a lot to stop my brain in it's tracks!
My pastor will be impressed!


Anonymous said...

Pk, do you notice increased activity of the MG during the allergy season? MS always seems to worsen on bad allergy days. Anyone ever get a doctor's confirmation of that?

Little Pond

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