Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pearls of Wisdom

Let the Blogrolling begin! Our first commenter is also our first contributor, in a way. A little back and forth, and we may have made a new friend in PK.

Pearls and Dreams is our first link outside my other blogs. MG is also neuromuscular, and the very first link I clicked is relevant to those of us who must use cortisones for flareups.

BTW, this site is arranged by links. I opened to what is essentially a table of contents, a very easy to use site. And the animal pics are icing on the cake.

Thanks PK. I expect you'll hear more from us soon.

Little Pond

1 comment:

Dreaming again said...

Glad you liked my blog. Glad to see a fellow animal lover.

I'm getting ready to add you to my blog roll.

looking forward to getting to know you!