Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another problem solved!

Who says MS is nothing but trouble? It's made me the creative genius that I am.

For years I've been battling with my SpinBrush. For those left in the mid-20th century, a SpinBrush is a self-contained, battery-powered toothbrush. It's practically disposable, except that the head and batteries can be replaced. No cord, yet not heavy. Perfect for MSers' blinding white smiles, like mine.

After all, a fifty-something woman who can't dance, or even wear makeup, has to have something to help her flirt (Don't tell Husband RJ!) and feel attractive.

I bought them for my family. Problem's in storing them upright to dry. They don't stand solidly on their bases, and holders are not available. I wrote to suggest this obvious fault. Alas, to no avail. Guess the constant crashes to the floor keep the business coming. Jerks. Don't think we don't know this, Crest. We do.

I finally hit a solution. Cable cord clips from the 3M Command series! Got a blister pack of four and stuck them on the cabinet walls, where the slimmer neck of the SpinBrush can just slide in: clip doesn't even need to be locked. Cabinet's not that full, and even less so now.

Husband RJ got them from Dowd's Hardware, but the 3M website has a store locator. And lots of other organizing ideas for the anal retentive MSer, like me. Now if you'll excuse me, my color-coordinated cable ties await my selecting and sorting expertise.

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Jenny said...

way to go genius! i'll have to try that for some of my other storage dilemmas ...
way to go Dad, too, glad things are working out with him.
I can't believe it's Sunday night already, the weekend seemed five minutes long! Even with church, lol!