Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dog-tired from Doggy Days

If you've been to Pat's Pond, you know the reference to Doggy Days will take you to WalkElmira: you can easily scroll down to the pictures. Oh, sure, Ellie was there. We are lucky to have the shots we do, given the excitement. But a good time was had by all.

Now I am exhausted. If you go to Tanglewood, take a human with you, or a cell-phone. Read the maps, and choose shorter trails. Take your little buddy only if you can control the darling (human or canine) pup. Trails climb upwards and roll downwards: walking shoes are required. Water and a cooling scarf may ease the heat from exertion. Turn back if it looks scary; know your limits.

It may be a while before I can put together a full photoblog of the trails. I know my limits and don't push them too often. These trails require the shoes, water, and proper timing for incontinence (shorts trails are perfect!) problems.

For now, I am making chili and seafood chowder. A nap and some video gaming will finish the day. Church and some light yardwork tomorrow. Gotta know my limits.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

pb, that sounds like a very nice weekend! hope that you're caught up on the rest by now.
Knowing our limits is the key to so much ... and it seems like I just learn them by pushing to see how far they will stretch, lol!

pb said...

But you do stop when you recognize danger, right? Stretching is good, but snapping or cracking is not. And rest after a good stretch is the key to expanding motion and ability for MSers.

BTW, I've been told 10 hours of sleep is needed for active MSers. I get by on seven at night and a one-hour nap during the day. But I force myself to rest in bed for a full two hours midday, whether I can nap or not.

Little Pond

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