Thursday, August 18, 2005

Two Links

Thanks again for all your support and emails and prayers. I have one final favor of the Prayer Trees and Prayer Fans, etc.: This mournful entry caught my eye yesterday, and I can't get it out of my mind. Please help with your prayers and support. These people need some shoring up right now.

And Jenny's back again at Reflections. In the past I've scolded her for deletions, but now I think that may be wrong. She's keeping it lean and mean, and the results are always surprising. Sort of like live television or radio, it's to be caught moment by moment, and strikes me as simply a new (to me anyway) and original form of blogging. So keep checking in.

Little Pond


how to pray said...

I was out searching for how to pray related information, when I landed on your page. pb you have some good stuff there. While this post wasn't exactly what I was looking for I enjoyed the read Thanks. So I'll continue on looking for how to pray, see you again some time.

Mr JaguarDriver said...

Hi yes I agree with your last coment, i'll be back to keep up with whats happening prayers