Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Three Stents

Dad's okay. They put in three stents and expect to go in again for some more on the other artery. I am relieved and want to thank you all for your prayers.

My oldest brother was at the hospital (where he is the biostatician) with my Mom. My two younger brothers minded the house and prepared for their return. Another older brother takes care of the cellular phone bills, a tall order with our huge family. (Just came off the phone with her. He's going home later today!)

You can imagine that with five sons and two daughters, Mr. Baker had a lot of prayers and good wishes with him in that room. I branched out through the Internet and my "Irish Twin" brother fanned out through his various prayer groups and trees up and down the Eastern seaboard. Dad and Mom have their own groups, and my Baby Sister does also. Wouldn't be surprised if God just got sick of us knocking and gave us what we wanted, just to get rid of us.

Thanks so much, again. Glad I'm typing, because the tears would ruin a letter on paper! God Bless You All.

Little Pond

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