Sunday, August 07, 2005

VirginMobile takes my Vacation

Back to work Monday. Rested, ready, mostly healed, despite my doctor's tactless handling of my usual summertime relapse. At least it triggered a vacation.

Had a silly scare this week. Topped off my VirginMobile cell on Tuesday. I was a day late and lost five minutes (that would have otherwise rolled over). $20 and back to normal. My phone is for any trips out of the house: literally a matter of life or death waiting to happen. I nearly fell on one of my RiverDogging excursions. No problem: I have my cell!

Wrong. During my trip to the Fair, I tried to call home over a small, non-health issue. And couldn't. No service. Please press one to TopOff, or some such stupidity.

Cut my trip short. Went online to check my balance. Showed over $25. Weird. So I called from my cell. They said "Weird," too. Hang on, we'll get the supervisor. But the called ended. After all, no service. I called back from my landline. Same thing, need supervisor, blah-blah.

They showed me both topped off and out of service. So please fix: I have MS and this is my lifeline. NO CAN DO. Service is cancelled for 24 to 72 hours while they investigate! I never heard of such a thing. They clearly have a problem, for which I must pay up to three more days without service. Doesn't matter that they have proof of my payment and transaction.

VirginMobile has no snailmail. I sent an email, full of anger, frustration and fears. Took Husband RJ forever to calm me with his assertions that I was wasting my time and energy. Made me even madder.

So I will be ditching VirginMobile as soon as I can afford a GoPhone. My daughters have no problems with Cingular, and Husband RJ works well with a TracFone. Always has. A little security would be nice.

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