Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dark Days are not always bad...

When are brighter days not a good thing? When night workers need daytime sleep.

Now is the time to order your solar curtains. If you can get them locally, that's fine. But I recommend Carol Wright Online if you don't. These prices are the best I've seen anywhere.

Solar curtains are the equalizer for me. I never, ever could nap during the day. And since I started working nights, I was good for only about five hours total before the hubby's cigarette smoke, or the noisy cats, woke me. The rest of my family can be left for dead when their heads hit the pillow, but I hear everything during the night.

But the worst for me was the winter. Incredibly bright noon-time sun chased me out of my midday nap every time. The reflection off the snow makes for lovely walks with Ellie, and terrible sleeping conditions. Two sets of solar curtains make the room as dark as a movie theater.

A sound machine for some white noise, and the problem was solved. HomeMedics makes a less expensive version that's great for mixing and layering, helpful for noisy households like mine.

Sweet dreams.

Little Pond

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