Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gloomy Day

Dark and gloomy day here. Tried to attend Mass, but had a coughing spell and left. Not only will coughing frighten those who sit around me, but I run the risk of wetting myself if I suppress it. No throat drops to soothe it, so I ran home.

The place is depressing without my GrandDog, and the cats are pesty, but no fun. It's better for her to be in Golden Glow where she can play with her doggy buddies. But we are bored here!

Major excitement: the EQ2 heat booster died and we had to find a place to buy it. Best to go to Chase-Pitken, although that store is slated to close soon. Maybe Lowe's or HEP. Will cost about $40, but we really need it for the back room. It's a converted porch and the heating is really just an extra-long duct from the regular heating system, so the booster really helps. They are not the hardiest of appliances, but last for a good three years apiece. And each new booster usually has some new feature that sort of upgrades it.

With the MS, no room can be very warm or very cool. Makes me such a wuss. In fact, I had to leave the job I held during the first exacerbation, because it was way too cold in the winter, some 63 degrees! And right now at the paper, the place gets too hot where I work. (Which is probably the cause of my wetting accident.) Fortunately, we have an excellent heating system at home with a whole house fan as a central feature.

Guess I'll visit my favorite blogs and look for pet photos.

Little Pond

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