Monday, October 31, 2005

Should have known...

...that no one could take so many drugs without some sort of trouble. And the dose of Nexium is positively huge! Everyone I know is on it, but at a measy 20mg, they couldn't predict the problem I am having. I actually had a bowel accident while walking the dog. Course, I have protection for bladder incontinence, so I was home free, although I ran into a neighbor on the way. Quickly blew him off and ran home.

Such accidents were a staple of the first year of the MS diagnosis. I know the rote. So I trashed the underwear, sealed in a baggie, and showered the rest. Hate losing clothes, but it's important to me to minimize the bad memory, so I do as little as possible.

Cleaned and disinfected the bathroom. Needed it anyway.

Back to normal, except I'm taking the Nexium at night, to give it the time it needs to make trouble. And I will go back to work on Tuesday night, giving myself a couple days to be sure I know when bad stuff happens.

Although I like to find the humor in things, haven't found any yet.

Little Pond

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