Saturday, October 29, 2005

Quite a list!

Here are all the drugs and remedies I now take (some are temporary). They are listed in order of how long I've been taking them.

Copaxone. One shot every day for Multiple Sclerosis.

Calcium with Vitamin D, specifically. Although I have always taken multivitamins with minerals, these are prescribed by my General Practitioner for age-related bone loss. It was mild, and he now says my blood shows some reversal.

A Blend of Black Cohosh and Black Cohosh Root. Prescribed by my ObGyn, for menopause symptoms. First she prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy, but I have a Factor Five mutation that makes me vulnerable to blood clots. HRT is contraindicated and Soy remedies, which work very well indeed, do so because Soya is actually an herbal HRT. Who knew?

Sanctura for incontinence caused by Multiple Sclerosis. Detrol LA worked better, but the constipation it caused was debilitating and dangerous, tearing me up.

Chlorpheniramine maleate, an antihistamine. No decongestants, please, since they sent my blood pressure soaring. As did various other antihistamines.

Diovan for hypertension. Especially the diastolic blood pressure.

Nexium, for possible reflux.
Flonase, for post-nasal drip.
Advair diskus for possible asthma.
Albuterol inhaler for possible asthma.

The last four are to track down just what is making me cough uncontrollably. The cough hits suddenly, causes further incontinence and leaves me panting and sweating. It may have been initially caused by Lisinopril, which preceeded the Diovan. After a few weeks, I am left with chest pain and tightness, loss of sleep, appetite and ability to work. They called me the Queen of Cough at work. The inhaler helps, but I fear any sort of steroid. And the Flonase doesn't seem to last into my work night.

I am missing a few days of work, since all the symptoms, and now the drugs, are causing bad problems with memory and other performance. Maybe I can return once the pain and coughing subside.


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