Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Relief is on the way?

A strange thing happened today. After weeks of coughing, due, I thought to high blood pressure medication, I could take no more. Called Guthrie Clinic and left a message with my doctor: I would drop the Diovan forthwith. Guthrie called back and suggested an appointment to treat the cough. Diovan should not cause coughing--something else is wrong.

My doctor roundly scolded me for self-diagnosing. After a few Xrays, and a PPD (TB test, of all things!), I am now being treated for asthma, GERD and a persistent post-natal drip. With the hope of eliminating two of the three treatments in a few weeks. He got mad, he yelled (till he was red in the face), but hey, he listened.

I found the whole experience exhausting, as well as overly-long, and needed to cut my worknight short for a much-needed rest. Bed will not only feel good, but probably is absolutely necessary. After weeks of coughing myself awake in the night, and coughing myself sick at work, and leaving early from church services, I may finally get some permanent relief.

Amusing side-note: the Xrays were marred by my rather small, but evidently solid, papillae. (Who knew?) I was given two tiny, metal "markers" for the retake. Doctor was sweet about it, but of course, I couldn't resist playing it for a (little) laugh. Mostly I was surprised at how low they were imaged on the film, and I said so.

Little Pond


Shushan said...

asthma too now. Sorry to hear it :(

You might want to get one of those air filter machines (if you don't already own one). The best use HEPA filters. Did wonders for my son when he was very reactive. Allergies can indeed make it worse but the medecines they have now can help a great deal.

God bless you!

crohns said...

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pb said...

Don't be concern about the possibility of asthma. I've been told I had it a few times before. It's only being treated now. Autoimmune disorders are usually related and often found in groups. I have many other allergies, too. I am used to it, and have adjusted my lifestyle accordingly, little by little, all my adult life. No problemo.
Thanks for caring!
Little Pond

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