Sunday, July 30, 2006

Follow-up to a Floater

Geez, geez and geeeeeez! I'm looking at the darned thing right now, since it's spotlighted by the white Blogger posting screen. And I've just finished, with a great deal of trouble, a crossword puzzle, and screwed up (beyond all repair) a Sudoku.

All with the nasty thing impairing my vision. Boy, do I hate growing old. Because that's all it is. Old age, I've been assured by the opthamologist. It will eventually succumb to gravity and slide down.

Will it? Does anyone know from experience? The stupid thing looks like a starburst, or a tin pieplate with way too many cuts in it. Or even, (dare I say) an anus. Having raised two children, both born naked and needing plenty of attention down there, I've seen enough to know one.

It's not dangerous, and I need not fear it. But it's a real pain in the eye. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Little Pond


Linda D. said...

I was relieved to read it was in your eye and not your toilet! Sorry...potty humor aside...

I've got something similar I think, only mine is a dark spot. It rolls around freely in my line of vision and just big enough to notice, but not big enough to care much...that said, I'd still like the darned thing to go away or "settle with gravity" like your doc advised! It's been there now for about a year...just to remind me I'm getting older. Guess I shouldn't bitch, though, as blindness would be worse. Sounds like your "floater" is at least pretty? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Thank you. This lovely aster (anus)-shaped item has been here some six months already. So some six to go, at least.

One more question:

Is your floater more apparent when you are tired or nervous?

Mine seems to be. I hate seeing it when I'm in the middle of a battle to save mankind in a video game.

Miss Chris said...

My friend had a floater and it disappeared as mysteriously as it came.

mdmhvonpa said...

Damn floaters ... I get em too, drives me nuts. Especially when Im driving.