Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two Great Posts in Grand Rounds

...caught my attention this week. Naturally, we want to thank GruntDoc, one of the working wounded this week: "Or how I celebrated Independence Day."

So link on over to RangelMD for this week's rounds.

My faves:

This little number reminds me of Dr. Bhat, best neurologist. Period.

And our own Womens' Health Center at the Arnot Hospital sounds a lot like this post. And read the comment section for more.

Guess I've been lucky a couple times in my life. Not always so. Some of the awful stuff reminds me of earlier years, and some pretty thick-skulled, low-skill providers. Soured me on medical professionals for a good long while.

Now I'm especially hardnosed. I don't pay them to be sweetie-pies, but I certainly don't pay them to treat me badly. I get what I want, or I get away from them. Not a lot of room for compromise anymore.

Works for me. So far.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Whenever I need medical attention I try my best to do some research first. I don't just blindly trust my doctors and I'll research everything they suggest before committing to it. People are very fortunate to find a doctor who genuinely listens to their patients and takes as much time as needed to diagnose and treat. My first Neuro. was perfect. He was a great listener and I was so lucky to have found him. He has moved out of state and I'm still hoping to find one like him but doctors like that are few and far between.

pb said...

The problem is: Doctors have lives. Mine retired. But at this point, I have enough knowledge and experience with MS to move on alone. The CNP is good enough and seems likely to grow in wisdom and experience.

Or maybe I personally have. It's all good.

mdmhvonpa said...

Nice to see how everyone manages this grand national holiday.