Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night I dreamed I was using a powered wheelchair on a woodsy road. I could see and hear turkeys overhead and moving across the road, and noticed there was a fox family watching their progress. A dog was with me, but it wasn't mine, and it ran into the den, chasing the fox and her kits. A person appeared, looking quite pleased, extracted the dog, and (I assume) stole it. All of this was making me very anxious, and indignant at the theft.

Okay, I understand about the wheelchair, since my BlogSister was researching them for a purchase. And I understand about the woodsy road and turkey sitings, although goodness knows I never saw a turkey when I was actually out hunting them. This area is lousy with them otherwise. And Ellie isn't my dog; she's my GrandDog. Still, I watch the Dog Whisperer a lot: Ellie requires a lot of leadership.

In the heat of the summer, I can catch a glimpse of foxes and sometimes coyotes, on the way to the Arnot Mall. I take the scenic route: what everyone else calls the "back way." It relieves stress for me. But what's with the puppy-napping?

I've got to stop working so much overtime. It's messing with my mind, and exhausting me, both body and soul.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

yes, please get some sleep!

When are you going to tell as about the sex dreams? LOL

pb said...

Damn, Girl! I don't have them.

Must be I'm way too tired to even put together a wish-fulfillment dream.

And catching naps during the day doesn't much allow for that sort of thing. For instance, I just napped and dreamed about planning the wedding menu, but it was all about affording it. Not even about the food! And we have some wonderful caterers to choose from.

Life should settle down just before the Winter Holidays. I want to have the leisure to just walk the dog and take pictures, too.

I miss blogging the neighborhoods.