Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Funny how it's playing out.

Until this back injury, I have been unaware of any real feeling from the chest down.  There is distress when I need to empty my bladder, but not like anything I used to feel before MS.  There is a very minor discomfort when I should empty my bowels: unfortunately, not enough to prevent an accident away from home.

In fact, one could even prick me with a pin or knife or any sharp object, and I won't feel much more than pressure.  So I'm not really surprised that I injured a muscle without realizing it.

So, okay, I've sprained my lower left back.  The most amazing thing is the amount of pain: enough to send me to the doctor with fears of a kidney stone, abscess or even a tumor.

I am told that a tumor would not necessary hurt at all.  In fact, we are worrying about my Dad right now.  He has blood in the urine and no bladder symptoms.  They are looking into any possibilities of renal cancer.  In fact my Grampa died of cancer in his urinary tract, although I had always thought it was bladder cancer.

The doctor prescribed 500mg of Naproxen twice a day, and heat for any further pain.  I have some of those nifty patches for heat, and am testing them against my skin.  I half expect to show a nasty rash from the adhesive, but I am willing to test it first, since they really do help.  Also, the patch can be stuck to a tight-fitting undershirt if need be.  It's all good.

Finally, I visit the physical therapist this afternoon at 4:15.  Oddly enough, that should be an excellent time. Husband RJ will be home to field any calls from MammaDog, who might need sitting services.  More importantly, by the late afternoon I am practically in tears from fighting the pain all day.  And the shakes are unmistakable and uncontrollable by then.  Perhaps the PT can help with these.

I'll keep you all posted.

Little Pond

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