Monday, January 31, 2011

A word to the wise

Don't do what I did.

I have four canes; two are already pretty and two are old, wooden ones.  I decided to decorate the canes, to make them more appropriate to the Little Pond.

I found some Chinese dragons stickers and some tiny butterfly stickers.

The Chinese dragons are large and snake around my heavy cane, the one I use for walking around the city blocks.  Good support and rather cool.

The teeny, tiny butterflies took forever to apply to my lighter cane.  Looked pretty to me, so I lacquered the cane, to set the little buggers forever.

Unfortunately, I have since seen photos of my granddaughter playing with the butterfly cane.  They are too tiny.  If anything, they make the wood look diseased.

Now I am painstakingly picking off the dozens and dozens of butterflies.  AND the lacquer made them UN-stick.  It's a mess, and will probably take weeks to undo.  In the meantime, I will try wrapping the cane in green grosgrain ribbon.  Green is a good color for me.

I used pretty Christmassy ribbon to make candy canes over the holiday.  That also taught me that big is better and bright is right.

Tiny doesn't cut it.  And don't lacquer the results.

Little Pond

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