Friday, January 14, 2011

Permission to stretch

...has been granted.  Let me tell you, stretching is definitely better.  The PT watched me carefully as I practiced the two simple exercises.  I will do them  2-3 times a day with reps of 5 each for now.

I continue the heat therapy, but has stopped the morning dose of Naproxen.  Still shaky by night-time, so I dose for the evening.

Things are much better now that I can feel stretching, and know I am helping, not harming.

Putting off my doggy walks until at least Sunday.  By then I should be in good shape.

Husband RJ is completely taken up in ferrying my MIL to visit my FIL at the hospital.  Plans are now being made to tranfer to nursing facility.  MIL is definitely not in any shape to care for him.  A few hours' visit and she needs home, food and rest.

I am still unable to visit, until they move him where I don't have to worry about catching something that could kill ME.

Little Pond

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